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Thank you! My husband is in the Army and he says these have by far been the best thing for his intense training lately.

Kara Erickson

Lacey WA

Delicious! We followed the directions on the back of the bag and it was just right. Lots of flavor and satisfying proteins. Highly recommend. I really enjoyed everything I ate from Traildrops!

Mark Rico

Hixson TN

TrailDrops is the best tasting backpacking food I have ever had! I could even serve this at home and no one would complain. I even converted my meat eating brothers. They will order from TrailDrops from now on. My kids and I drew straws for the last three meals because we could not choose. TrailDrops truly made us look so forward to dinner.

Joan Wagner

Signal Mountain TN

This food was amazing! I asked TrailDrops to set me up with food for a week-long AT hike and they delivered! People were jealous of my food and I never went hungry. When our trip had to be cut short, I even sold the last of my meals to a German thru hiker who was so excited. These meals are tastier than any standard Mountain House and pack a caloric punch that you need on the trail. Not only that, but they're lighter than most options out there. I would order from this company again in a heartbeat. Hopefully they'll be hearing from the NOC soon because I couldn't help but sing praises while I was in there!

Lorraine Grier

Chattanooga TN

I've tried just about every brand of backpacker meals over the past few years, and none have come even close to a couple of meals that I had on a section hike this weekend. TrailDrops is doing some amazing things. On Saturday evening, I had their Angel Hair Pasta with Red Chile Peanut Sauce. It's the single best meal I have ever had on trail. For Sunday's dinner, I had the Indian Couscous. It was a close second to the pasta. They are a small business from Chattanooga. This is not a paid endorsement and I was not given the meals for review. I went online and purchased them, just like you should do right now. You won't be sorry.

Stephen Veliz

Tallahassee FL

I was thinking of eating the couscous for the last five miles of this hike. These meals are the best tasting, highest quality I have ever had. By far. These meals are healthy, calorie dense, lightweight and delicious, and I would recommend them to hikers of any level.

Sean Dowd

Signal Mountain TN

$%*!>%, that sh**'s good!!! I was shocked at how much better these meals were that anything else I'd had before.

Wylie "crazyhorse" Jones

Harrisonburg VA

My son, Richard and I used TrailDrops on our recent backpacking trip on A.T. from Brown Gap to Hot Springs, N.C. Thru hikers were envious! Incredibly easy and delicious!!

Ricky Park

Lookout Mountain TN

After a hard hike into Stevenson Branch campground in North Chickamauga Creek Gorge my body says thank you Trail Drops for the Italian couscous with cashews dinner!

Thomas Brasel

Signal Mountain TN

I don't know much about photography. I don't even know much about hiking. But I do know a lot about good food. TrailDrops Angel Hair Pasta with Red Chile Peanut Sauce is the most delicious gourmet trail food I have ever eaten and I can't imagine eating any better. I mean that Meg Brasel. My wife's comment was "If I was on a trail and that was the meal I was going to eat, I would be pretty happy."

Marco Perez

Signal Mountain TN

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