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TrailDrops is the best tasting backpacking food I have ever had! I could even serve this at home and no one would complain. I even converted my meat eating brothers. They will order from TrailDrops from now on. My kids and I drew straws for the last three meals because we could not choose. TrailDrops truly made us look so forward to dinner.

Joan Wagner

Signal Mountain TN

This food was amazing! I asked TrailDrops to set me up with food for a week-long AT hike and they delivered! People were jealous of my food and I never went hungry. When our trip had to be cut short, I even sold the last of my meals to a German thru hiker who was so excited. These meals are tastier than any standard Mountain House and pack a caloric punch that you need on the trail. Not only that, but they're lighter than most options out there. I would order from this company again in a heartbeat. Hopefully they'll be hearing from the NOC soon because I couldn't help but sing praises while I was in there!

Lorraine Grier

Chattanooga TN

I've tried just about every brand of backpacker meals over the past few years, and none have come even close to a couple of meals that I had on a section hike this weekend. TrailDrops is doing some amazing things. On Saturday evening, I had their Angel Hair Pasta with Red Chile Peanut Sauce. It's the single best meal I have ever had on trail. For Sunday's dinner, I had the Indian Couscous. It was a close second to the pasta. They are a small business from Chattanooga. This is not a paid endorsement and I was not given the meals for review. I went online and purchased them, just like you should do right now. You won't be sorry.

Stephen Veliz

Tallahassee FL

I was thinking of eating the couscous for the last five miles of this hike. These meals are the best tasting, highest quality I have ever had. By far. These meals are healthy, calorie dense, lightweight and delicious, and I would recommend them to hikers of any level.

Sean Dowd

Signal Mountain TN

$%*!>%, that sh**'s good!!! I was shocked at how much better these meals were that anything else I'd had before.

Wylie "crazyhorse" Jones

Harrisonburg VA

My son, Richard and I used TrailDrops on our recent backpacking trip on A.T. from Brown Gap to Hot Springs, N.C. Thru hikers were envious! Incredibly easy and delicious!!

Ricky Park

Lookout Mountain TN

After a hard hike into Stevenson Branch campground in North Chickamauga Creek Gorge my body says thank you Trail Drops for the Italian couscous with cashews dinner!

Thomas Brasel

Signal Mountain TN

I don't know much about photography. I don't even know much about hiking. But I do know a lot about good food. TrailDrops Angel Hair Pasta with Red Chile Peanut Sauce is the most delicious gourmet trail food I have ever eaten and I can't imagine eating any better. I mean that Meg Brasel. My wife's comment was "If I was on a trail and that was the meal I was going to eat, I would be pretty happy."

Marco Perez

Signal Mountain TN

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